Eden Aviation

Welcome To Eden Aviation

35 years of providing the aviation industry with immediate assistance in the supply of the best licensed and qualified Operations and Maintenance personnel available to work on a contract or full time employed basis.

Eden use multinational personnel to work anywhere worldwide, from ferry flights to long haul, From the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic and anywhere in between.

Eden’s offices are contactable 24 hours per day, in United Kingdom, Brazil and Spain. Wherever you are in the World, the time zone is not important, you can find us.

OUR POLICY – With the client, part of the client, understand the client, available 24/7, success at a competitive rate.

Eden AviationLicensed engineers are currently employed mainly on line maintenance, however Eden can supply Licensed Engineers B2 and B1 for any hanger or heavy maintenance.
Eden AviationCaptains, TRE, TRI, 1st Officers and any cabin crew are immediately available for all types and are completely current to international standards. No job is too big or too small.
The prime function of Eden is to find and supply contract engineers and Pilots to clients, however we also have the free service of finding contracts for personnel whose cv’s are on our records. Please send a cv to cv@edenaviation.com if you are currently seeking a change of position or location.

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